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To go where no big truck can & quicker!!

*We have access to over 1,000 carriers of all kinds to help make sure your cargo will be delivered as promised.

*We do extensive screening of all carriers including:

  • **Thorough investigation of their authority and/or DOT number to ensure that it is active
  • Verification of insurance with Viper Brokerage Services LLC as Certificate Holder
  • Thorough safety record check through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation
  • *Detailed load tracking using the following methods:
  • Verification of Pickups & Deliveries
  • Daily Check Calls
  • Notification to Shipper of results and status upon delivery

*We are available to our Customer, Shippers, and Carriers 24 hours a day 7 days a week for emergencies. We believe communication is the key to providing excellent services!

*We pay our Carriers through a Factoring Company to ensure they are paid & happy! After all.....Happy Carriers makes for Happy Travels!!

*We do not Double Broker loads. We will not give out your trusted load information to other brokers, agents, or dispatchers. We take pride in being able to service your company independently and getting the job done right!

Reefer **Some commodities can be loaded in a reefer**

Oversize Loads/Heavy Hauls

Dry Van (Box Trailer)

Double Drop Deck


RGN (Removeable Gooseneck) / Lowboys

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